Monday, October 4, 2010

      So I recently found myself in the need of a new bong as my dog ate my plastic one (true story). A friend of mine recommended  rather than going to a local head shop so I checked it out. When I saw their selection my jaw dropped, it was like looking at artwork.
     The pipes were absolutely amazing, I've seen plenty of glass pipes over the years without much interest but these are really eye catching and looked very functional and the bubblers were truly awesome. They almost look like sculptures. I wasn't too familiar with bubblers before visiting their site but they are apparently like a cross between a pipe and a bong, i'm certainly going to ask Santa for one this year, lol. Overall though, I'm a good old bong guy and this is what my friend ordered from them. These things are so sexy! There is a great size range and the Roor bongs look fantastic. I could go on all day about them, from the nicely portable 5.1" bong to the beastly 28" Roor bong. My biggest problem is deciding which one to buy. My friend has one of the 20" Roor perculator bongs and OMG this thing hits great! It's got thick glass as well, doesn't seem like the usual glass bongs destined to be in shards. Its taken a few tip overs like a champ.
     The thing that really caught me was the prices, I can get a sweet looking 10.6" glass bong for less than an 8" acrylic bong would cost me locally! The reason my friend recommended them was the "great customer service" he received. They seem like a very professional operation, clean site layout and informative as well as several other items such as a boss looking grinder and a good old bong gas mask.
     I'm going to make my first order after posting this. Not trying to sound like a commercial, I just think this place deserves some props and any of you who are ready for a REAL bong instead of the usual head shop junk should check it out. So, have any of you ever dealt with them? I'd love to hear some experiences you might of had or get a recommendation on the items you've ordered.
Check them out: